Meet the Grower: Birch Creek Farm

Just a few miles from Andy’s, two local farmers are growing the perfect variety of vegetables. From sweet peppers to cucumbers, Birch Creek Farms grows every vegetable that summer needs. 

John and Greg farm their 9 acres with an incredible passion for locally grown produce. 

What started out as the simple love for gardening 20 years ago turned into this farm packed with delicious tomatoes, eggplant, and more. 

As their garden slowly grew each year they realized that they should grow enough food to share their passion with the whole valley!

With their you-pick membership through CSA and continuous seasonal supply at Andy’s, John and Greg stay very busy all summer long. As a RN in the OR at St. Mary’s for over 25 years, John knows that to do something right requires hard work and dedication. 

Their gorgeous product really does speak for itself – you can’t produce this variety of produce at such a high quality without a true love for working the land and caring for your community. 

With over 20 specialty tomato varieties this year, Birch Creek has stocked our store with incredible cherry tomato variety packs and more! 

While we were counting the days for their local eggplant and cucumbers in excitement, the heat wave damaged the crop heavily. The true reality of farming is that not everything goes as planned, and it does not take much to change the course of a plant’s life. 

Being able to buy local produce at the grocery store is such a privilege, and we are so fortunate to have as much access to truly local products as we do. 

But, don’t worry, we will have plenty of their other locally grown produce in stores for many weeks here at Andy’s! Shop their gorgeous Juliet Tomatoes and Cherry Tomato Variety Packs to get the most out of this wonderful summer season!

John’s favorite thing to eat are his fresh tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, and cucumbers. It isn’t summer without those delicious crops, is it?

We love going out into the field and introducing you personally to these incredible farmers that make our dream of staying as local as possible a reality. No matter the weather, no matter their feelings, farmers show up in their fields every day to bring the best product to you. 

Often unheard and unseen, the farmer puts food on our table every day. 

Your destination for nourishing food, we love to partner with our local farms to serve our incredible Walla Walla Valley. 

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